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RESURRECTION (1899) by Leo Tolstoy
Translated by Louise Shanks Maude.

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Webmaster's Note: Resurrection (1898) is the story of Prince Nekhliudov and Katiusha Maslova, a peasant ward of Nekhliudov's aunts. The prince seduces Maslova, abandons her, and much later recognizes her as the defendant in a murder trial in which he is a juror. Accepting his responsibility for her fate, he follows her to Siberia and offers to marry her. She refuses him, however, because she has been resurrected to a life of service with revolutionaries whom she meets in prison. The novel provided so scathing an account of the injustices of life under the tsars that it is said to have contributed to the Russian Revolution, which occurred seven years after Tolstoy's death.


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